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India’s Top CMOs Spearhead Strategic Brand Evolution

24 March, 2024

In an era where the marketing landscape is rapidly transforming, India’s top Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are at the forefront, steering their brands through the evolving currents of consumer behavior and technological advancements. These marketing leaders are not just creators of ad campaigns but visionaries shaping the strategic direction of their companies. In this article, we delve into the insights of some of India’s leading CMOs, exploring their strategies and the role of a CMO in today’s dynamic market.

The role of a CMO has transcended traditional boundaries, becoming more complex and influential. No longer confined to the realms of advertising and promotions, CMOs are now pivotal in driving growth and innovation within their organizations. They are the orchestrators of comprehensive strategies that extend far beyond conventional marketing techniques.

One such visionary is Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Marketing and Sales at Maruti Suzuki India. With over three decades of experience, Srivastava has been instrumental in shaping the automaker’s future, developing robust dealer networks, and refining business processes. His deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior has enabled him to spearhead business transformation and maintain a strong customer ethos.

When discussing marketing challenges, Srivastava highlights the need for innovation in an industry rife with saturation. To cut through the noise, Maruti Suzuki crafts unique strategies that resonate with consumers, delivering authentic and impactful messages. Adapting to evolving consumer preferences is both a challenge and an opportunity, requiring agility in tailoring products and marketing strategies. Additionally, coordinating marketing across multiple channels and a vast portfolio of brands necessitates a unified approach with consistent brand messaging.

Srivastava also identifies key opportunities for Maruti Suzuki. The company’s multi-powertrain approach aligns with the government’s vision of carbon neutrality, while their strong SUV portfolio caters to various customer preferences. Moreover, leveraging their extensive network of sales and service outlets remains a significant strength for sustained growth.

With an annual marketing budget increase of 15%, Maruti Suzuki is focusing on vernacular-focused campaigns and digital integration. The brand invests strategically in general entertainment channels (GECs) across television and OTT platforms, targeting young consumers interested in vernacular content. This year’s allocated budget of approximately INR 1,000 crore underscores their commitment to adaptability and consumer-centric strategies.

The evolution of CMOs into chief growth officers showcases their role as strategic growth leaders. By fusing marketing expertise with data analytics and technological innovation, they create strategies that span revenue generation and customer experience enhancement. Their visionary approach positions them as architects of growth, driving business expansion through strategic foresight and a deep understanding of customer needs.

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), companies like Maruti Suzuki are leveraging AI chatbots to manage customer inquiries efficiently. With AI handling 97% of service-related customer queries, it’s clear that embracing such technologies is crucial for staying ahead.

As for tapping into the Metaverse, it represents a new frontier for digital engagement. While Maruti Suzuki is exploring this space, it’s essential for each brand to assess whether trend jacking the Metaverse aligns with their strategic objectives and audience.

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In conclusion, the evolving role of CMOs reflects the changing dynamics of the business world. These leaders are not just marketing maestros but growth gurus who harness data, technology, and consumer insights to drive their brands forward. As they navigate through challenges and opportunities, their strategies serve as a blueprint for businesses across industries looking to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.