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Resetting & Recharging As A Fitness Business Owner

14 October, 2022

We know you run a tight ship. 

This means that it can be challenging to find the time you need to take a break from your fitness business and recharge your batteries as the daily operations start to become too much.

Keeping your mental focus 100%  is key since tiredness and stress can affect your ability to make the best decisions for your business.

Here are a few ways you can disconnect and recharge those batteries for optimal performance when running your fitness business


1. Hit The Road 

When was the last time  since you had a PROPER vacation? We’re talking full-on, no digital interruptions and absolute peace of mind. We say “go for it” –  Really.

Take your family to the beach, but don’t pretend to be a vacationing pool dweller while concealing your phone and laptop beneath your hat. That’s not a vacation…

A vacation is when you disconnect somewhere where you can unwind, have fun, and think about anything than work.

We’ll see you in a week or two. Bye!


2. Pass On Some Of Your Workload

Boost your delegation abilities. It goes without saying that you are carrying out tasks that could be delegated to others on your crew. Why haven’t you done that yet?

  • Can’t give up the reins?
  • Is no-one trained for it?
  • Is everyone is overworked?

Stop responding to these “reasons” and design a path for delegation.

Your staff may benefit much from this exercise because they themselves may not assign as much as they should, which may be preventing them from accepting jobs that you have allocated to them.

Implementing software that makes use of the Internet and automation is another way to declutter. It’s like having someone else handle the most important processes for you.

A good cloud-based learning management system can help you reboot.


3. What’s Your Competition Up To?

You may always be doing stuff, but then there is stuff you are missing completely. The time is now to put one (or more) of these things into place. The idea of a friendly-competitive advantage is a great strategy to include in your marketing toolbox. 

This is a fantastic method to improve how people in your community perceive your company, broaden your branding, and open up new enrolment growth opportunities.

Yes, all of these things are possible outcomes of making friends with your rivals. Don’t worry… We mean business. There is no better approach to understand the individuals you compete with than to establish a good relationship with them.  

It’s always good to learn from other who are in the same boat as you.


4. Hit The Gym… Or The Pavement

As a gym owner you probably enjoy a solid workout, but you need to take a break from your fitness business. Nope, we’re not saying you should join another gym, but find ways to incorporate fitness and training into your schedule outside of the gym you own. 

Whatever you choose, work in some mindfulness and meditation. Learn to disconnect your mind, be mindful, and make the most of the valuable time you can take off. It may sound like this is only for people who have too much time on their hands, but give it a try. Your brain needs it.


5. Find Time For A Day-To-Day Reset

Consider short rest periods or personal time in your daily schedule. Make sure you can find ways to unplug (even for just 20 minutes) to give yourself a short break, whether that means working out during your lunch break or taking an Uber to while listening to an audiobook. This doesn’t have to be a regular occurrence, but its always good to make time for something that brings you some kind of quiet before the storm.

And before we forget… Catch some proper ZZZ’s. 

Just do it. Your body and mind will thank you for it. 


6. Give Back 

Giving back will result in a happier, more generous attitude. Being kind to someone is the best way to improve your attitude. Give your time to a neighbourhood bakery, an animal shelter in your area, or a free class you want to teach. Even better, it will enhance other people’s wellbeing as well. You’ll start the week with a fresh outlook and a super upbeat mindset.

Sustaining your health doesn’t have to require a lot of work. You’ll make better business decisions when you’re rested and refuelled, so recovery is crucial. And you’ll simply feel better.


Ambitious individuals may find it challenging to relax. There are numerous options. You can find your own favourites; I’ve just provided you with a few of mine. However, taking action is what matters. You’ll make powerful moves as a gym owner if you take a break from your fitness business and concentrate more on healing.