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27 July, 2018

I see 90% of Fitness business owners and businesses in general make the same mistakes every time with their Facebook advertising.

Unfortunately, it is hurting them more than they realise.

Even if you think you have it all under control, chances are you still do some of these. The image attached is an example.

Here are two mistakes you are probably making with your Facebook ads, and how you can improve your return on investment.


You find/create a nice image related to your offer.

You post it to your Facebook page, press Boost, select some interests and location and send it away.

Success! right?


Most people have no idea about Facebook business accounts ( This is where the magic really happens.

Using boost in the page admin menu, is only the front end of Facebook’s tools. You want to avoid this.

If you want to really step it up a notch, create a business account and reap the benefits of the extensive tools available here.

One of the most powerful is Lookalike Audiences.

In here, you gather data on those who have interacted with your ad.

Afterwards, Facebook can use those data points to find others who are pretty much clones of those original people.

As anyone who has interacted with your ad would be your ideal target market, it is far more efficient (cheaper) to target these Lookalikes, rather than simple interest-based targeting.

So. Stop using ‘boost’, create a business account, and start building lookalike audience assets for more bang-for-buck.


Remember that image you used?

Does it contain text?

What most people don’t know, is Facebook hates ads containing text!

If you have too much in the image, you will be penalised and your ad will be more expensive.

The image I’ve attached is an ad a client of mine previously ran for his gym (hence why i’ve hid information).

Yes, it contains too much text.

How do I know?

Facebook has a useful ‘Text Overlay Tool’, which allows you to screen your ad to determine if it is ‘Ok’ ‘Medium’ or ‘High’.

The ad i’ve shown you, is considered ‘High’, so cost-per-impression is significantly higher.


It is very important that you keep all your ads in the green according to this tool, or you will end up paying three times as much for half the results.


There are infinite mistakes I see other fitness businesses and businesses in general make with their online marketing…

I could talk about them all day.

However that’s all I can fit in this post!

Leave me a response, what is the biggest challenge you have when it comes to Facebook advertising?

Goodluck, keep testing and never quit!