Brand Experience


13 January, 2019

In the same way that farmers cycle their livestock through paddocks as to not over-graze the pasture, YOU must cycle your audiences.

It works like this…


CARVE your audience into individual ‘barrels of fish’ which you can cycle between as the previous barrel replenishes. These are known as niches (Important for another reason you may not know…).

For Fitness Businesses and other Brick & Mortar especially, this devil is responsible for your inability to generate HIGH-VOLUME leads month-month, year-year.


First, you start with your audience within 5 miles on the business on Facebook, say, 50,000 people aged 25-65+.

We then know that roughly 42% of these people will be 50+ years old, or 21,000.

On top of this, roughly 55% of these will be women, 27,500, and 22,500 men.

Without needing to know ANYTHING MORE about these people, we’ve divided the audience into 4 major demographics:

50+ Men = 9,450
50+ Women = 11,550
25-50 Men = 13,050
25-50 Women = 15,950


Now here’s where the magic happens…

In the fitness industry specifically, those are the 40 major demographics you’ll benefit from niching. The needs and desires of a woman vary slightly to that of a man, and the desires of someone over 50 begins to shift from ‘Lose weight, get toned’ to ‘Remain independent & strong’ (with exceptions of course).

Creating a powerful offer for, say, the 25-50 year old women, you’re able to hit them extremely hard with your advertising and suck the ‘barrel’ dry.

As soon as this audience is sick of seeing you, your ads, your offers, you give them a break and move to the 25-50 year old men, and repeat.

As soon as these men are sick of you, move to the 50+ demographic.


By the time you return to the 25-50+ women they’ve replenished and are dying for a good offer from you, and the campaign is a striking success.

This is particularly important with local marketing and less so with national or global, as the local audience is extremely limited and changes very little.

If you’ve made it this far you’re above 90% of other business owners. While they’re using the ‘shotgun’ approach, you’re niching, and CYCLING those niches, effectively.


Hope you learned something new. Farm effectively, and go make tonnes of money!


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