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The simple way to create a high ticket offer and 4x your price

29 January, 2019

Let’s talk high ticket offers…

There’s a lot of people who offer classes, a couple PT sessions, some nutrition guidance, etc for maybe $30-60 per week.

You’re left competing on price, trying to help a lot of people who are not really serious, and many of the people who do pay you (a little) don’t get the results they should because they simply don’t have enough skin in the game!

But what happens when you take your “month-month $40/w group classes”, make the initial minimum term 12 weeks, strap on some once-weekly/fortnightly 1-1 catchup/training sessions, make the nutrition side of things compulsory, and give them as much material as you possibly could?

Instead of $40 x 12w = $480 (yet some people don’t ever make it to week 12), you now have your HIGH TICKET OFFER, and double, even quadruple the price, to $960 or $1,920…

Now suddenly you’re giving people EVERYTHING they should get (Marketing elite, Jay Abraham, talks about this a lot – Giving people everything they need, no more and NO LESS).

They’re also paying enough they are COMMITTED to getting results, and see it through.

On your end you can give them the attention they need, and you stop having to worry about bills (Where you previously needed 6 people at $40/w you now only need 1 sale per month to make $960).

When you’ve got a minimum of 50 leads per month guaranteed by us (in our accelerator program), making 10 sales extra at this price point isn’t too hard… Unlocking an extra $10-20,000 per month for the business.


Sounds simple, right?

It is.

Stop trying to feed from the bottom like everyone else, feast at the top of the food-chain.

If you want expert help marketing your fitness business and generating leads, or just to talk with someone who may be able to point you in the right direction, don’t be afraid to schedule a consultation.

Riley Stewart