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You’re A Personal Trainer: Here’s How To Market Your Services

28 September, 2022

Considering the speed at which digital trends change, you may need to look at smart, efficient, and cost-effective ways, and personal training marketing is the key to promote yourself in a busy market. 

You’ll have to make yourself stand out from all the competition and this can be done with a solid marketing plan. Having a plan in place gives you the opportunity to visualise your objectives and understand where you need to improve. 

The most important thing when you search for personal training marketing ideas is to keep in mind that you have to promote yourself and  to make people know you exist. 

Let’s look at 9 ways you can market yourself as a personal trainer. 


1. Education Is Key – Personal Training Certifications & Seminars

Your ability to train, coach, and lead clients to their fitness goals is going to depend on your knowledge base and experience.

Prospective clients will observe your abilities based on your knowledge and what you aim to provide. One of the best ways to increase that knowledge is to take courses, earn certifications, and take part in seminars on the different modalities of fitness training. 


2. Get Blogging

Not everyone has the ability to write, but pen down what you know so that you can enjoy more authority in the industry. Sharing your knowledge with others will make you as a trusted source and may inspire clients to use your training content and join your sessions. 

You may find it hard to write in the beginning, but with practice, you’ll find that you’re developing a unique tone of voice. As a personal trainer, you can write pieces on everything from nutrition to recovery techniques – just start somewhere and if you have a budget down the line, hire a freelance writer to help you with blogs, social media, and mailers. 


3. Build Your Community

When people read the fitness content you publish, they will think about the reasons why they should train with you and how you are able to help them accomplish their goals.

Creating powerful and engaging content will allow people look to you for fitness advice. This is where community building starts. Once you are trusted by your followers, they’ll stick with you. 

As a rule, it is difficult to sell your services and knowledge when no one knows about you or what you can provide. This ties in with selling your personal training sessions by making yourself known in the gym you operate from. 

As you become more proficient in marketing yourself as a personal trainer, you’ll become aware of your target audience and what they need. Some may prefer workshops, while others enjoy completing challenges or signing up for new classes you may offer. 

Your community is not just a group of people who train with you. It extends well beyond in-studio sessions to those people who rely on your content online too. 


4. Create A Hyper-Focused Niche

As you become aware of your community, you may need to find a few areas of specialisation to narrow down your niche so that you can cater to a finely-tuned target audience. 

For example, if you’re good at helping elderly adults build muscle with home workouts, consider making this your core service as a personal trainer. Not only will you become a leader in the field faster, but you’ll have clients reaching out to you because your services are exactly what they need.


5. Make Use Of Social Media

It goes without saying that an online presence is the key to a very successful personal training marketing strategy. Social media has changed the way people receive and consume information. It’s everywhere, it’s accessible and it can help you generate a powerful message. 

Consider a branded business profile on Facebook and Instagram where you can create engaging content such as fitness/training tips, nutritional advice, meal prep ideas, and motivational quotes to set things in motion. Use a specific language that allows your audience to relate to, comment on and trust. 


6. Have Online Bookings Available

An online booking system is a crucial feature when you need to make sure that you market yourself properly as a personal trainer. You’ve built your community, working on your social media content, but now you need people to have easy access to your services. 

This is where an online booking page comes in. People want to know that they don’t have to wait to get hold of you to book your services and they can visualise your availability. 

Give it a try, it’s a golden marketing strategy for personal trainers. 


7. Ramp Up Your Client Management System

Knowing what your clients want and like goes a long way. This starts with knowing details about them and what they are after. And because you work in an industry that relies on trust, you need to show that you care first. 

As mentioned before, a scheduling app and an online booking system allows you to manage your appointments and your revenue. Still, you also gather feedback about what you offer and your client’s details. 

This extends to text message reminders of upcoming training sessions and other forms of communication that link your clients to your services. 


8. Offer Package Pricing  

Everyone loves a good deal. Discount packages in winter or on specific holidays are always golden. Think “Buy 4 Sessions, Get 1 Free” roll-outs and other ways to lure prospective clients in. 

It also helps retain existing ones, because it’s much easier to sell to clients you’re already working with than those still on the fence. 


9. Use Testimonials 

Your first and most loyal clients are the gateway to building your brand. Go above and beyond to ensure that they are satisfied with what you offer. Start with testimonials and share those on social media, your website, and sneak them into those promotional emails you’ll send out at one point. 



Above we mentioned creating content for social media and your website. You need to make sure your equipment enables you to produce quality videos and photography. Your phone may work just fine for this but have you considered a stand? Even simple lighting can make a huge difference. 

You can watch YouTube videos on this or read reviews to find the best gear for creating online content. This is a “two birds with one stone” approach. The better your content looks, the more followers you will gain and the more clients will sign up with you. You’ll also have the skills to scale further into online training programs.


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