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Granite Digital’s Expansion with Kentico Fuels Market Growth

24 March, 2024

Granite Digital, a prominent marketing firm, has recently announced an exciting phase of expansion, with plans to generate an additional €1.2 million in revenue and create 10 new jobs over the coming year. This surge in growth is primarily fueled by a newly inked contract with Kentico, a leading digital marketing agency. This partnership is set to significantly increase Granite Digital’s client base and catalyze further expansion into new markets, with a keen eye on the United States.

The collaboration with Kentico is poised to strengthen Granite Digital’s position in both the Irish and international digital services sector. “As we join forces with Kentico, we are setting ambitious growth targets,” shared Robert Carpenter, the Chief Operating Officer of Granite Digital. “The increasing demand for digital services is an opportunity for us to scale businesses through transformative digital solutions, which will simultaneously propel our own growth trajectory,” he added.

Granite Digital’s expansion will not only bolster their market presence but also contribute to technological innovation. The new job openings span across various cutting-edge fields such as software engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology consulting. These roles are expected to be distributed throughout Granite Digital’s offices in Cork, Dublin, and Galway by the end of 2024.

This strategic move follows a series of successful acquisitions by Granite Digital, which included 14 digital services companies such as Continuum, Connector, Webtrade, MediaOne, Apps Made Easy, LCM 247 based in New York, and most recently Armour. The acquisition of Continuum played a pivotal role in this growth narrative, as it already had an existing contract with Kentico. This merger was instrumental in nurturing and enhancing the relationship with Kentico.

Kentico’s platform is widely recognized and utilized by over 35,000 websites across 120 countries. With this new contract in place, Granite Digital is on track to reach an impressive annual revenue exceeding €15 million. The partnership is a testament to the shared ambition and commitment to excellence that both companies hold.

Dominik Pintér, the Chief Executive of Kentico, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are thrilled to align with a company as ambitious as Granite Digital and extend our heartfelt congratulations on their remarkable scaling journey.”

For those in the marketing industry, particularly those specializing in Gym Marketing or seeking More Gym Members, this development signifies a promising opportunity. Granite Digital’s growth and expertise in Advertising For Gyms could be a game-changer for fitness centers aiming to enhance their digital presence and effectiveness.

The company’s proficiency in Gym Lead Generation and Facebook Ads is a valuable asset for gyms looking to attract new clientele and retain existing members. As Granite Digital expands its capabilities and resources through its partnership with Kentico, clients in the fitness industry can expect even more innovative and impactful marketing strategies tailored to their unique needs.

In conclusion, Granite Digital’s recent announcement marks a significant milestone for the company and its clients. The new contract with Kentico not only underscores Granite Digital’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge digital solutions but also reinforces its potential for continued success and innovation in the marketing industry. As they embark on this exciting phase of growth, Granite Digital remains a key player for businesses looking to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.