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How To Welcome New Gym Members

16 September, 2022

COVID-19 has forced gyms and fitness centers to change the way they operate and look. The idea of membership as a whole will slowly move backward. There will still be many inquiries for new memberships, but equipment will change and the rules may change, for example, you can take measures by creating a welcome plan that is applicable to both current and new gym members.

Here’s how:


1.  Handwritten Postcards

Communication with old and new gym members takes place via email, texts, and social media. If you want to set yourself apart, use classic handwriting. This means you are here to exceed expectations. You should take this opportunity to thank them for their patience, support, and ideas to ensure that they understand that you are always available to them.


2. A Video Walk Through 

 “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – James Humes

Members will benefit from clear communication and expectations. They may struggle with questions in their minds when deciding whether to return to your gym or stay home. 

For instance, what does the gym do to clean up and sanitise? How will the gym’s equipment appear?  Is my treadmill too close to another one?

You can answer all these with an effective video walkthrough. They’ll appreciate it.


3. Address Members by Name

There’s a mighty difference between “Welcome back, valued member” and “Welcome back, James.” The first will fade into the background while the second catches the attention of a specific person to make them feel special. 

To see who’s coming back, check the session enrollment list, scan their keycard, or any other method, then tailor a welcome message with their name. This will make them feel more valued. 


4. Save The Weight-loss Advice 

It would be better to wait until later before giving unwanted weight loss advice. There’s no denying the new year means lots of people are focusing on the scale, but to the new out-of-shape gym member the advice from the in-shape trainer may not be the best move.


5. Remember Your First Time

Remember, unless you were born with a double bodyweight back squat and a 200-kg deadlift, someone had to help you get to where you are. Return that favor.

In terms of a welcome booklet or template, make sure to include the following points when welcoming a new member to your gym:

  • Thank them for joining and choosing your facility.
  • Offer reassurance that they made the right choice.
  • Provide information about the next steps, where to find assistance, and how to get started.
  • Include a link to your website where they can find practical information.
  • Include contact information, should they have any questions.