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Keep Your Gym Members Motivated With These Goldmines

18 October, 2022

What causes gym members to lose motivation?

To begin with, they have irregular schedules, unrealistic goals, or simply no one to hold them accountable for their success or lack thereof.

But unlike the fuel gauge on a car, motivation is not just something you can measure. You can try to determine when clients are starting to lose motivation or if they already have by looking at a few indicators or signs.

So, if you go above and beyond to understand why your members desire to get fit, you may create ways to keep them on the right track and boost their incentive to keep them as members.

We’ll go over each step of this plan piece by piece, giving tips on how to assist your members in developing positive habits and reinforcing them, which will help increase gym members motivation and keep them around for longer.


1. Encourage Gym Members To Get Competitive With A Gym Buddy

Providing visitor passes or “bring a friend for free” coupons is a great way to get people motivated. You’ll find that those who began a weight loss program with a friend finished it, as opposed to a large number of those who started it alone.

Engaging in social interaction while exercising might also result in you working out longer, especially if you believe the person next to you is working out harder or moving more quickly. 

Host a class where real-time data is loaded into your Google Sheets, GeckoBoard, or ScreenCloud Dashboard to visualise everyone’s work. Encourage some friendly competition by keeping track of reps, erg distance travelled in a given amount of time or sets finished.


2. Show Genuine Interest In The People Who Sign Up With You

Your gym needs to be a nice environment that members like visiting because people want to feel like they belong someplace and that others actually care about them. However, you should show more concern for your members than just learning about their fitness and health objectives. Find out about their interests, ask them about their day, and generally try to get to know them. They will view you as much more than a gym if you do it that way.

They will be happy to spend each day at your gym since it is a resort and a place of interest that gives them what they need. 

This kind of connection is not something that just happens. By making sure that all staff actively learn the names of your members, you can begin to build a rapport with them.

This kind of connection is not something that just happens. By making sure that all staff actively learn the names of your members, you can begin to build a rapport with them. The members will feel more at ease approaching each trainer for assistance if they are familiar with their names and faces displayed on a bulletin board in the gym.


3. Tick Off Those Tasks

We experience mental tension when we don’t complete a task. According to a psychological phenomenon known as the Zeigarnik Effect, you remember tasks or experiences that aren’t finished more vividly than ones that are.

Exercise programs are those unfinished assignments that will keep participants returning in order to reach the solution. To encourage everyone to maintain a winning streak, display the number of days since a member has missed a session on the Count Up Timer.


4. Real-World Promotions And Reminders

There are so many things that might easily pull your members away from their usual routine once they leave the gym’s four walls. By posting reminders and information for your members to view while out and about in the real world, you need to make an effort to prevent this. 

This can include emails from your gym with helpful ideas, news, and guidance. Members can communicate with your gym and with one another on social media through pages and groups. This can include advertising with targeted special incentives to increase gym retention.

Members are far more likely to stick with your gym if you remind them about the advantages of keeping up a regular exercise schedule and educate them about these benefits.


5. Create A Sense Of Community With Events And Challenges

Your gym’s unique selling point is often the chance to make new friends and achieve new goals. Here are some brief suggestions:

  • Occasional workouts for local competitions like 5Ks and marathons
  • A three-week summer boot camp or an in-club training challenge
  • Social gathering away from the gym, such as a group dinner following spin class
  • Before a workout, host a social gathering with light breakfast and refreshments inside or nearby your gym.
  • Seasonal contests, such as tennis or basketball competitions

Not sure about the interests of your members? Use the marketing tools of gym management software to send out a text or email with a vote-based survey.

Sharing ideas, objectives, outcomes, and motivations with other members who share similar traits may be pretty rewarding. Once a connection has been made, members can support one another as they work to achieve their objectives. 

Members can get the motivation they need from trainers alone, but their other members are more relatable. As a result, they might serve as an even stronger source of inspiration.

Your fitness centre will become a place where members may meet to socialise, have fun, and jointly pursue their health goals once you’ve established a feeling of community there. Hosting social activities for members is a great way to create a sense of community at your gym.


Are you looking for additional strategies to increase gym members motivation and boost retention within your fitness and wellness company? 

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