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Why You Need A Gym Sales Funnel + Ways To Make It Easy

19 October, 2022

The process a prospect must go through in order to become one of your customers is known as a sales funnel. As the owner of a fitness business, having the prospect sign up as a member at your studio is the goal of your sales process.

One of the most important factors to think about when you create your funnel is who you are aiming to attract. Be as particular and targeted in your target audience selection as you can. Depending on the services or courses you provide, you could wish to develop a group of member “personas” with a specific marketing strategy for each one.

Imagine you run a studio with a variety of classes. You won’t begin pitching your HIIT sessions to a prospect if you are aware that they have a specific interest in yoga.

Make it very clear from the start that your studio is the solution for an existing issue, regardless of who your target members are.


What Are The Benefits Of A Gym Sales Funnel?

You Increase Your Conversion Rates

A sales funnel is used, among other things, to weed out people who are least likely to sign up and are generally on the fence about joining. saving time for you. You are more likely to run with people who are genuinely interested in joining for the long term as you descend the funnel.

You Get To Predict Membership Rates

You can use the percentage you calculate as the average conversion rate to forecast your sales volume once you have done so. The core of web marketing are facts and data. By understanding how your gym is performing, you can develop a strategy, be prepared for unexpected setbacks, and set objectives. You may make some accurate predictions about how many new members your gym will sign up over a set period of time using these facts.

You’ll Identify Weak Spots

Using the first two ideas will make it easier for you to spot your weaknesses. You can determine exactly when a potential consumer left a sales funnel. You can more precisely target the issues by identifying the places with the highest bounce rates, giving you the chance to fix them and enhance your overall gym marketing plan.


The Gym Member Journey

The gym client journey should be defined before we dig into funnels. When choosing whether or not to join a fitness club, they go through this process. Here is a typical example using the AIDA marketing framework:

  • Awareness – people hear about a gym through newspaper and TV ads, promotional flyers, word-of-mouth, shopping mall pop-ups, partnerships, or pay-per-click (PPC) online adverts.
  • Interest – they visit the gym’s website, read FAQs and testimonials, request more info by phone or email, visit for a tour, or using a day pass.
  • Desire – they want to join, perhaps after being impressed by the facilities or results that other members have achieved. 
  • Action – they decide to purchase a gym membership or other fitness product or service.


Creating A Winning Sales Funnel

Make Sure Your Website Is Powerful

You must stand out in the fitness industry because it is so competitive, and first impressions are crucial. This is the first time your fitness business and a potential customer have spoken face to face.

Be clear, concise, and straightforward. Make sure the offer is visible as soon as someone visits on your website, for instance, if your Instagram ad promises a 10% registration discount before the end of the month. Here are some simple pointers for landing pages:

  • Use videos as they increase conversion rates by 80%.
  • Ask for customers’ contact information, such as their email and phone number.
  • Keep written content concise; get straight to it, and present easy navigation so users can click to specific pages for more information. 
  • Try not to transfer inbound traffic straight to transactional pages.

Offer Value

Interacting with your prospects and giving them information that benefits their daily lives are important steps in developing relationships with them. Not everything of the information you present has to be an obvious deal or discount.

What informative content can you provide prospective members? Consider setting up a blog on your website with subjects that potential members might look into. A content strategy based on relevant keywords can then be put into practise. This will make it easier for potential members to discover your website.

Share Results And Progress

Potential customer will be more interested in your studio if they can see images and testimonials that show your community and the wonderful influence your studio has on people’s lives – especially since they are more likely to make a buy after reading a reliable review.

Simple quotes from gym members or films showcasing the facility can all be used in posts. The key is to produce original material that allows viewers to instantly associate your studio with it.

Have A Front-End Offer

While it’s usual for gyms to advertise minimal entrance barriers, concentrate more on the kind of value you can offer.

Keys to Creating a Top-Notch Gym FEO

  • Offer value
  • Ask for commitment

A reward offer might convince a prospect to join your studio if they are genuinely interested in doing so. Offer something that still has worth while requesting some action from them.

How about something more engaging than a free trial for your prospect? Say each session costs $30.

Allow them to take their first two lessons for $30 rather than one complimentary taster session. They’ll still receive a free class, so they’ll believe they are receiving something of value. But by offering them a free lesson in exchange for their return, you can encourage them to visit your studio again. 

PPC/Google Ads

Use advertising to increase awareness of your business. Get in front of potential customers using PPC (e.g. Google Ads). Target people who are either searching for gyms or fitness services in your location, using search terms like…

  • Gym + (your town/neighbourhood)
  • Fitness classes + (your town/neighbourhood)
  • Yoga + (your town/neighbourhood)
  • Pool + (your town/neighbourhood)
  • Barre + (your town/neighbourhood)
  • Lose weight + (your town/neighbourhood)
  • Personal trainer + (your town/neighbourhood)
  • Nutritionist + (your town/neighbourhood)

Although using a gym sales funnel won’t make or break your business, it will have a big impact on how well you sell. You must test different approaches to see which ones are most effective for your fitness business. Even after you find them, you’ll probably need to update them at some point.